MB-Project Bureau

The company “MB-Project Bureau” is founded in 1995.

Our field of activity is general design, construction design and architecture, but our main work is construction.

We are specialized in design management for very complex and unique multi-purpose objects in Moscow and Russia. Our experienced experts who are Russians and Serbs, both familiar with the Russian language, standards and norms of design and construction, were involved in the projects. Not to mention our experience in designing outside of Russia and our expertise in European norms and standards (EUROCODE), including German (DIN), English (BS) and American norms (ANSI).

The company “MB-Project Bureau” has its branches in Moscow and Belgrade (Serbia) which work together as a team. Our Belgrade office employs twenty engineers, co-workers on other levels and with different profiles not included, but the backbone of the mutual cooperation is the Moscow office with its 15 experts, all chief design and construction engineers and chief architects in charge.

The combination of the experience and the professionalism of our experts, as well as their insight into contemporary design and construction technologies and the appliance of specialized design programs enable us to participate in the manufacturing of most complex projects.